Section Conclave

July 18, 2020

Section Conclave will be held virtually.

The Lone Star Fellowship (Section Conclave) is an annual event where nine lodges from Southern Region Section 3 (SR-3) get together for fellowship, competitions, and lots of fun while celebrating the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. This year, Section Conclave is being held online where Scouts from all over south Texas have a blast participating in trainings, personal stories shared from National officers, virtual ceremony and dance competitions, and so much more. To keep up with the latest information, follow Section SR-3 on Facebook.

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About the Section

SR-3, led by its three elected youth officers, an adviser, and staff adviser, supports the nine lodges in its care. These officers answer to the Council of Chiefs, a body comprised of lodge chiefs, representing the nine lodges in our section. Those lodges are Aina Topa Hutsi, Colonneh, Hasinai, Karankawa, Tatanka, Tonkawa, Wahinkto, Wewanoma, and Wihinipa Hinsa Lodges.

Our section, SR-3, strives to provided leadership, guidance, and tools to help our lodges in their day to day programs. It is responsible for bridging the gap between the National Committee and the lodges it represents. We also plan an annual conclave. A conference attended by over 500 Arrowmen who learn, compete, and create friendships. We also provide assistance to our lodges in the form of training and advice. The section may also plan training seminars, and promote the national program of emphasis.