Raucous Raven - March 2021

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Circle Our Council Fire

Here's what Arrowmen need to know about your lodge leadership going into 2021:

Lodge Chief: Jake Whitley

The lodge chief has the mission of being Colonneh Lodge's primary organizer. The lodge chief directs their vice chiefs and committees towards establishing an effective program for the lodge.

Vice Chief of Administration: Hannah Liska-Womack

The vice chief of administration has the responsibility of managing the membership status of everyone in Colonneh Lodge. They also manage social media, the trading post and help events run smoothly behind the scenes.

 Vice Chief of Inductions: Josh Randolph

The vice chief of induction's job is to ensure that all Induction events such as Ordeals run smoothly and help guide incoming members from their election to becoming Brotherhood members.

Vice Chief of Service: Brandon Liska-Womack

The vice chief of service is responsible for organizing service initiatives in the community and at camps such as Camp Strake or Bovay Scout Ranch. These service initiates happen during Ordeals, OA Trail Crew, and Service Weekends.

Vice Chief of Program: Helen Elgie

The OA's goal of personal development is the vice chief of program's job to meet. Over the year, they will accomplish this by managing the lodge's program activities, including Spring Fellowship and Fall Pow Wow.

Vice Chief of Chapter Operations: Alexander Butler

The vice chief of chapter operations is the highway that brings the lodge's info to our chapters; this is an essential job that helps coordinate communication between the lodge and chapters. They help organize area and lodge events.

News from the Chapters

-Stories submitted by chapters

Last week, the Raucous Raven editors reached out to chapters asking for a message they wanted to tell the lodge. Based on the responses we received, we have every reason to be excited for this new year.

Haqihana Chapter (George Strake Chapter)

Haqihana sent us an entire newsletter of their own! The Arrowmen are planning on participating in something called "The 'Good Turns' Amazing Race" where participants have two hours to do as many good deeds as they can. The winners will receive a ribbon for their flag, and a video of pictures from the race will be sent to the lodge.

Arrowmoon Chapter

This chapter is in the midst of rebuilding with Chapter Chief Parker Kuhn at the helm. He is assisted by his Advisor, Mr. Bob Kane. Elections are already underway in Arrowmoon with 24 future members having been elected since September, three of which have already completed an Ordeal.

Phoenix Chapter

Phoenix has been at the forefront of many lodge events throughout the past year. Not only do they have members in every level of lodge administration, but they also have contributed multiple Arrowmen to lodge service events throughout the year, and they taught the OA class at SHAC's University of Scouting.

Texas Skies Chapter

Membership has been a real problem for most chapters in 2020, but Texas Skies is planning to not only bounce back from membership loss but also establish full Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremony teams by the end of the year.

Big Cypress Chapter

The leadership at Big Cypress has plans to contribute to one of Colonneh Lodge's most vital resources: our ceremony teams. They are currently working to bolster their ceremony teams and bring in new members.

Don't see your chapter mentioned? Submit an update to: news@colonneh.org

How 'Bout Them Events?

Information can be found on the calendar at oa.shac.org/calendar

We have so many fun events here in Colonneh Lodge! Below, we have compiled some major upcoming lodge events so that you can plan ahead to go with your fellow Arrowmen!

Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meeting

March 28, 2021  |  2 - 4pm  |  Virtual

LEC is the place where all the big decisions are made. Every chapter should be represented. Arrowmen are highly encouraged to attend the LEC to better understand the goings-on of Colonneh Lodge.

Camp Strake Service Day and Ordeal

April 9-10, 2021  |  Camp Strake

OA Service Days are an opportunity for Arrowmen to give back by providing much-needed service to council camps! Registration is open to serve at Camp Strake, sign up closes April 7th! Be sure to head out and help your fellow Arrowmen continue the OA's goal of service! Elangomats are needed to help work alongside the Ordeal candidates. Learn more and register at oa.shac.org/ordeals.

OA Trail Crew

April 10-11, 2021  |  Camp Strake

What can you never have enough of in life? Knots? No. Please, no. The answer is trails! OA Trail Crew is an opportunity for Arrowmen to provide service to the trails at Camp Strake and establish a bond of brotherhood with fellow Arrowmen. The OA will be out at Camp Strake from the 10th to the 11th of April making new trails. Be sure to join if you want two days of raw fun. Not only that but you also get to make a lasting impact on camp that will be evident for generations to come. Learn more at oa.shac.org/oa-trail-crew

Spring Fellowship

April 23-25, 2021  |  Camp Strake

Spring Fellowship is a weekend event held each spring, that allows Arrowmen to recommit themselves to the principles of our order: brotherhood, cheerfulness and service. The event starts with a Friday night campfire and dessert. The main program is held on Saturday with providing cheerful service to Camp Strake in the morning and fun activities during the afternoon and ending with a closing campfire. Troops who are attending summer camp at Camp Strake can attend. Learn more and register at oa.shac.org/spring-fellowship.

A Word from the Lodge

The lodge officers are looking forward to an exciting year with Colonneh Lodge. The central theme this year is Resilience Coming Back Stronger. Despite all the challenges faced last year, the lodge came together and had a fantastic year. Colonneh Lodge was one of the only lodges to hold Ordeals in 2020 inducting over 382 candidates; the lodge held events both virtually and in-person, including the first-ever lodge-wide food drive. The lodge officers are already starting the year off with exciting events in the wake of the Colonneh Summit, and are eager to see what will happen next with upcoming Ordeals and Spring Fellowship in April. Don't forget to check out what new activities your chapter is planning for next month!

That's all for now!

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